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MathCounts Competition



Middle School Math Tournament

The mission of MathCounts is designed to increase enthusiasm for and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States. The program provides middle school students with the foundation for success in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. For more information about the nation-wide program, click on www.mathcounts.orgIn Livermore, middle school students are coached at their respective schools weekly by scientists and mathematician volunteers.


Middle school students from throughout the city will gather at Granada High School on Saturday, January 20, 2018 for the 22nd Annual MathCounts competition, hosted by the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD). Student registration will begin at 8:30 AM with the competition starting at 9:00 AM. Students should bring their own pencils, eraser and scientific calculator (graphing calculators are not allowed).  Flyer

Students who qualify in the city tournament go on to compete in regional competitions in February and those who place at that level can advance to the state competition.


For more information on the program including site specific information go to -



2017 Competition Results

6th Grade - Top 5 Individual Scores

  Name Score School
1 Liam Manley 31 MMS
2 Youv Feigenbaum 28 MMS
3 Ruman Das 26 LVCS
4 Ian Zolynas 25 EAMS
5 Nathan Blanton 23 MMS (4 way tie)
5 Geoffrey Huang 23 MMS (4 way tie)
5 Austin Anthony 23 MMS (4 way tie)
5 Shun Sakagami 23 MMS (4 way tie)




6th Grade - Top 3 Teams 

  Name Score School
1 Liam Manley 30.25 MMS
1 Youv Feigenbaum   MMS
1 Austin Anthony   MMS
1 Nathan Blanton   MMS
2 Owen Fidler 21.5 MMS
2 Shun Sakagami   MMS
2 Nathan Kim   MMS
2 Joel Hatch   MMS
3 Ruman 16.75 LVCS
3 Mikayla Marinko   LVCS
3 Renna Popli   Valley Montessori
3 Maddie Straus   Valley Montessori


7th - 8th Grade - Top 10 Individual Scores

  Name Score School
1 Sam Wu 40 Valley Montessori
2 Chase Vogler 42 Valley Montessori
3 Galaxy Zheng 39 LVCS
4 Feoden Soriano 37 CMS
5 Daniel Thinfen 36 MMS
6 Alicia Zhang 37 EAMS
7 Hriday Sheth 37 MMS
8 Kevin Cai 34 MMS
9 Daphne Yan 35 MMS
10 Roslyn Lydick 34 Valley Montessori

7th/8th Grade - Top 3 Teams 

  Name Score School
1 Roslyn Lydick 46.75 Valley Montessori
1 Sasha Sato   Valley Montessori
1 Chase Vogler   Valley Montessori
1 Sam Wu   Valley Montessori
2 Feoden Soriano 43 CMS
2 Kengo Suzuki   CMS
2 Konrad Owczarek   CMS
2 Sam Morales   CMS
3 Daniel Thinfen 37.25 MMS
3 Daphne Yan   MMS
3 Clarissa Cheung   MMS
3 Adam Sahn   MMS