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Employee CCSS Resources 

LVJUSD Common Core


CCSS Implementation Roadmap

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Parent & Student Resources

Achieve the Core
Collection of resources for parents and community members.

Parent Roadmaps 
Parent Roadmaps for Common Core Standards in English and Spanish


Parents' Guide to Student Success
Activities and methods by grade level for supporting your child's learning


English Language Arts
Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12




Elementary Common Core Standards

Middle School Common Core Standards

High School Common Core Standards


Teaching Channel
Informational videos on Common Core, as well as sample videos of teacher's teaching "the Common Core" standards.


Hunt Institute's YouTube Channel
The Hunt Institute produces videos, of various
length, that describe the Common Core standards for both ELA/Writing & Math (great info in small bites!)

Common Core


Red apple, red apple with bites out of it and red apple core

Getting to the Core...  

Common Core Standards


Common Core State Standards are a progression of skills that students master as they move from transitional kindergarten through high school. The Standards are designed to provide a consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn to ensure they are challenged, make appropriate progress, and prepared for success.  These learning goals help students meet college and career expectations while creating the foundation needed for students to "contribute and thrive in a changing world".  Currently, California has joined 44 other states and adopted the Common Core Standards for mathematics and English language arts.  

Parent Tip: Look through the common core standards below to get a feel for what your child will be learning as they proceed through school.


Here is a list of resources for the new Common Core Standards.


What is the Common Core?

What are the Common Core Standards for California?

What are the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical subjects

What are the Common Core Standards for Math?


Common Core State Standards Implementation Plan for California


Common Core Frequently Asked Questions

Myth vs. Facts about the Common Core.

Why are Smarter Balanced Assessments replacing the California Star Test?

Achieve the Core  - Research and resources for how the Common Core was developed and resources for digging into the standards.


Mathematics Common Core Resources

Common Core State Standards

Common Core Math 
The National Common Core Standards and resources.

Kahn Academy Common Core Math Resources

Math Common Core Coalition 
The site includes material or links to information and resources that the organizations of the coalition are providing to the public and the education community about the CCSSM.


Teaching Resources 

The Mathematics Center Math Coaching Consortium 
Lessons, and resources organized by grade level. Provides teachers resources for teaching concepts using multiple methods.  There is also a Common Core section with sample assessment items ready to use in the classroom.

Google Apps and the Common Core
Ways to use Google Apps to increase student engagement and achievement while connecting the learning to the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


Assessment Resources

Illustrative Mathematics
Illustrative Mathematics shows all grade levels and standards for math with links to sample "Performance Tasks"


Common Core Explained


Three girls students at table working with manipulatives


Five elementary students next to a building block tower


Two male student in chemistry class with safety glasses and beakers


Two boys and two girls playing with bucket at sand table


Three male students in engineering class working together on a structure

21st Century Skills

Partnership for 21st Century Skills 
A national organization that provides tools and resources for educators as we prepare students for jobs that compete in a global economy.

Other State, County & District Resources
Great lists of resources and links

New York

Clovis Unified School District

Santa Ana Unified District