Transitional Kindergarten
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Students Participating in Readiness Opportunities Using Themes in Science (SPROUTS) is Livermore's Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program available this fall.  


September birthdays in the 2014-15 school year, but older children, when parents feel they are not yet ready for kindergarten, can apply to the TK classes.  

Currently Altamont Creek, Arroyo SecoJackson Avenue, Marylin Avenue, Rancho Las Positas and Michell K-8 have Transitional Kindergarten programs.  The TK classes  run from  8:30 AM -1:30 PM on the regular school schedule. Children come to school daily, just as they would for kindergarten. Classes will have a credentialed teacher as well as an instructional aide.  


Classes are designed for more active learning and are more developmentally appropriate for young learners. Throughout the year, students will transition into more traditional learning styles and acquire readiness skills necessary to be successful in traditional kindergarten at their home school. Classes have a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) focus.  We use Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) curriculum from the Lawrence Hall of Science, Zoo Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, and Math Their Way.  

If you have questions about the program contact Student Services at (925) 606-3206.