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Committee Assignments


 Board Memberships & Assignments 2017

Assignments Staff
Member Alternate Description
Alameda County School
Boards Association
(ACSBA) Executive Board
N/A Chris Wenzel
Anne White
All Board Members 3rd Thursday of the month
One year appointment
Evening meetings
California Interscholastic
Federation (CIF)
N/A Craig Bueno
Chris Wenzel
Chuck Rogge On call
California School Boards
Association (CSBA)

N/A All Board Members All Board Members Annual meeting in
Various annual functions
Kate Runyon
Craig Bueno
Chris Wenzel Every 6 weeks
Morning meetings
LAVTA/School District
Liaison Committee
N/A Anne White Chris Wenzel As needed
Legislative Network/Advocacy

N/A Federal: Craig Bueno
State: Kate Runyon
Local Reps - All
All Board Members To be coordinated
Tri-Valley Regional
Occupation Program Joint
Powers Board (TVROP)
Chuck Rogge Anne White Two year appointment
4 times a year, night 
meetings (or when needed)
Tri-Valley Special Education 
Local Plan Area (TVSELPA)
Joint Powers Board



Chuck Rogge Kate Runyon Two year appointment
Evening meetings
Tri-Valley Education 
Anne White
Craig Bueno
N/A Thursday mornings
Quarterly meetings



Board Clusters Locations Board Member
Cluster 1

GHS, Mendenhall,

Satellite, Sunset

Craig Bueno
Cluster 2

Del Valle, East,
Rancho, Smith

Chuck Rogge
Cluster 3 Vineyard, Jackson
Junction, Marylin
Anne White
Cluster 4

LHS, Michell,
Altamont Creek

Kate Runyon
Cluster 5 Arroyo Seco, Croce,
Chris Wenzel

District Office,


All Board Members


Board Approved Committees
Name of Committee Staff Chair/Lead
7-11 Committee (Surplus Property) Chris/Bruce
LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) / DELAC
(District English Learners Advisory Committee)
Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Susan/Teresa/Amy
Measure J - Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Susan/Tim


The following are Superintendent Committees.  The Superintendent appoints members to these committees.

Committee Staff Chair/Lead Member Alternate Meetings
 Dual Immersion Master Planning

Lead: Cindy/Dayna

Anne White Kate Runyon TBD



Conservation Committee

Lead: Bruce/Chris


Lead; Chris,
David Darlington

Craig Bueno
Chuck Rogge
Chris Wenzel Ongoing -
Members have
a schedule of dates
 Parent Club Information
 Council (PCIC)
 Lead: Kelly, Cindy
All Board Members
  Ongoing - once per
month @ 12:00 PM
 Policy  Lead: Scott,
Anne White
Craig Bueno
Chuck Rogge Ongoing - once per
month @ 3:30 PM
 Athletics Task Force  Lead: Scott, Melissa Craig Bueno Chris Wenzel Ongoing - once per
month @ 7:00 PM
 Technology Committee  Lead: Geoff/Ravi Kate Runyon Chuck Rogge Ongoing - once per
month @ 3:30 PM
 Special Programs  Lead: Cindy, Melissa,
Based on focus
  As needed
 Health & Wellness Committee

 Lead: Amy, Scott,


Craig Bueno Anne White As needed / ongoing


  Board Approved 2-7-17