Committee Assignments


 Board Memberships & Assignments 2015

Assignments Staff
Member Alternate Description
Alameda County School
Boards Association
(ACSBA) Executive Board
  Chris Wenzel
Craig Bueno
  3rd Thursday of the month
One year appointment
Evening meetings
California Interscholastic
Federation (CIF)
  Craig Bueno
Chris Wenzel
  On call
California School Boards
Association (CSBA)

  All Board Members   Annual meeting in
Various annual functions
Kelly Chris Wenzel
Kate Runyon
Craig Bueno Every 6 weeks
Morning meetings
LAVTA/School District
Liaison Committee
  Anne White Chris Wenzel As needed
Legislative Network

  Federal: Craig Bueno
State: Kate Runyon
and Anne White
Tri-Valley Regional
Occupation Program Joint
Powers Board (TVROP)
Chuck Rogge Anne White Two year appointment
4 times a year, night 
meetings (or when needed)
Successor Agency
Oversight Board
  Bill Dunlop (close-out)   1st & 3rd Wednesday at
3:30 PM
Tri-Valley Special
Education Local Plan
Joint Powers Board
MaryAnn          Chuck Rogge Anne White Two year appointment
Evening meetings
Tri-Valley Educ. 
Amy Anne White Craig Bueno Thursday mornings
Quarterly meetings


Board Clusters Locations Board Member
Cluster 1 Michell, Arroyo Seco,
Kate Runyon
Cluster 2

Mendenhall, Croce,
Adult Ed/Vineyard,
Livermore High

Chuck Rogge
Cluster 3 Maintenance, Sunset
Altamont Creek, 
District Office
Chris Wenzel
Cluster 4 Christensen, Jackson,
Del Valle, Rancho
Anne White
Cluster 5 East Ave., Marylin Ave.,
Smith, Granada High
Craig Bueno


The following are Superintendent Committees.  The Superintendent appoints members to these committees.

Committee Staff Chair/Lead Member Alternate Meetings
 Conservation Committee Mike, Susan, David D. Craig Bueno   Ongoing

Digital Citizenship/

Scott Chris Wenzel   Ongoing
 Dual Immersion
 Master Planning

Cindy, Gregg

Anne White   Ongoing
 Facilities Chris, Susan, Jan Craig Bueno
Chuck Rogge
Chris Wenzel Ongoing
Laura, Amie H., Cindy Kate Runyon   Ongoing
 Parent Club Information
 Council (PCIC)
Kelly All - Rotating   Ongoing
 High School Grad
 Requirements Subcommittee
Brian P.
Craig Bueno
Anne White

Public Relations in RE:
Parcel Tax/
Bond Measure

Kelly, Susan, Chris All   Ongoing
 Technology Committee Geoff, Amy Chuck Rogge   Ongoing


  Board Approved 1-15-15