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Dear Livermore Community:

I am honored to be your Superintendent of Schools.  As a longtime resident of Livermore, spouse and proud parent of graduates from the Livermore schools, I am thrilled to continue my public service as Superintendent of Schools. I am 100% invested in this community and our District and am determined to lead us to even greater heights.

As a product of public education, I have never wavered in my staunch belief in education for all students as the great equalizer and the key to a stable and viable future. After years of working in multiple capacities, sites and levels in the LVJUSD, I know our strengths, yet am acutely aware of our areas for growth and am fully prepared to tackle them with the help and support of our dedicated Board, leadership team and staff.

Over the years, I have worked side by side with personnel at all levels, (service workers, classified, certificated, and administrative staff alike) and I consistently strive to strengthen our working relationships and keep communication lines open. I have had the privilege of working closely with coalitions of parents, community leaders, local industry, service groups, institutions of higher education, and the Livermore Valley Education Foundation to directly benefit our students, and I will continue to build and extend those valuable partnerships.

I embrace the prospect of having an even greater impact on the educational improvement efforts that are already under way and also moving our District in exciting, new directions.  In my leadership role, I call on myself and others to step up and put our students and their needs first.  There is power in unity, and it is more important than ever that we remain united in our focus and commitment to our students and their future.

The LVJUSD has a solid reputation with a supportive community and an increasingly diverse constituency.  Even though we are still recovering from a severe State budget recession, along with most California public school districts, we simply cannot sacrifice quality education for the 12,600 + students entrusted to us or renege on our commitment to prepare all students for college and/or careers in a competitive global society. 

We must continue to push ourselves, and move forward on behalf of our students. This is our direction as a District, and we simply cannot waver from our true purpose, of ensuring that “each student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world.”

Our District has a solid foundation in place as we accelerate on a path to ever-increasing educational excellence.  I have every confidence that with our responsive and progressive leadership, we will maintain sound and conservative fiscal practices, inspire each other, leverage support, and enhance already positive management/labor relations.

I value our community's input and ideas. I am honored to work with you as partners on behalf of our students and the Livermore community we call home.


Warm regards,

Kelly Bowers
Superintendent of Schools




Kelly Bowers Biography

Superintendent, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD)


Superintendent Bowers is a product of Bay Area public schools, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude from UC Berkeley, earning her Administrative Credential and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Cal State University East Bay, and now nearing completion of her doctoral studies in UC Berkeley’s Leadership for Educational Equity Program (LEEP). She is married to a graduate of Livermore High School and together they have three children, also graduates of Livermore public schools, earning college degrees at Santa Clara University, Tulane and Purdue respectively.  Continued...