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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for all aspects of the District’s labor relations and collective bargaining, workforce recruitment and development, site administrative supervision and evaluation, enrollment projections and staffing, and the oversight of the Special Education, Student Services and Human Resources Departments including charter oversight.


Chris Van Schaack
Assistant Superintendent
(925) 606-3284

Jennifer Arias
Executive Assistant - Senior Cabinet
(925) 606-3283


Association Contracts

Charter Oversight


Current Charter Petitions - LVCS & LVCP

     LVCS/LVCP Renewal Petitions-Pending Review Rec'd by Board 9-20-16

         LVCS Charter Petition, Appendices, 9-20-16

        LVCP Charter Petition, Appendices 1, 2 & 3, 9-20-16

     LVCS Staff Report, 12-13-16

     LVCP Staff Report, 12-13-16

     LVCS Resolution Denying Petition, 12-13-16

     LVCP Resolution Denying Petition, 12-13-16

        TVLC's Response to District Staff's Recommendation to Deny Renewal Charters, 12-13-16

     TVLC Letter to ACOE Karen Monroe, 1-12-17

TVLC Letter to LVCS and LVCP Parents, 3-13-17


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - LVCS & LVCP

Oversight Reports:

     LVCS  6-4-13

     LVCS  1-7-14

     LVCS  5-20-14

     LVCS  10-21-14

     LVCS  2-17-15

     LVCS  8-18-15

     LVCS & LVCP  1-19-16

     LVCS & LVCP 11-1-16

     LVCS & LVCP 2-21-17


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for High School Transfer Students revised 2-13-17

California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Letter concerning WASC, 8-10-16

University of California Letter to LVCP concerning WASC, 2-6-17



Leases Agreements:

LVCS Facility Use Agreement, 6-1-05

LVCS Facility Use Agreement, 10-7-08

LVCS/LVCP Facility Use Agreement, 6-1-10

LVCP Facility Use Agreement - Extension, 1-8-16

LVCP Facility Use Agreement, 8-4-16

Current Prop 39 Agreements:

LVCP Response to LVJUSD Prop 39 Proposal, 2-29-16

   LVJUSD/LVCP Final Offer of Facilities 2016-17, 4-1-16

LVCS Response to LVJUSD Prop 39 Proposal, 2-29-16

   LVJUSD/LVCS Final Offer of Facilities 2016-17, 4-1-16

LVJUSD Facilities for 2016-17 School Year to TVLC/LVCP, 7-7-16


Financial Oversight

LVCS & LVCP 2015-16 Second Interim Technical Review, 3-28-16

   TVLC Response to 2015-16 Technical Review, 4-15-16

LVCS & LVCP 2016-17 Adopted Budget Technical Review, 7-28-16

   TLVC Response to 2016-17 Adopted Budget Technical Review, 8-12-16

   LVCP 2016-17 Charters MYP Budget Template, 8-12-16

   LVCS 2016-17 Charters MYP Budget Template, 8-12-16

TVLC's Fiscal Year 2015-16 Audit Deadline Extension Request, 12-14-16

   LVJUSD's Response to TVLC's Extension Request and attachments, 12-15-16

LVCS & LVCP 2016-17 First Interim Report Technical Review 1-11-17

Delinquent Notice - Fiscal Year 2015-16 Audit Report 3-1-17

LVCS & LVCP 2016-17 Second Interim Report Technical Review, 4-12-17

LVJUSD Letter to TVLC Re Funding In Lieu of Property Taxes, 4-25-17


Formal Notices

     LVJUSD Letter of Concern to TVLC, 10-6-15

     LVJUSD Letter of Concern to TVLC, 12-15-15

        TVLC Response to Letter of Concern, 1-11-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Violation to LVCS & LVCP, Exhibit A-J, 2-3-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC/LVCP, 3-18-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC/LVCP, Exhibit A-D, 4-19-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern/Cease and Desist to TVLC/LVCP, 5-27-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern/Cease and Desist, 6-9-16

     LVJUSD Request for Information to TVLC/LVCP/LVCS, 6-30-16

        TVLC Response to Request for Information TVLC/LVCP/LVCS 7-7-16

 LVJUSD Follow-up to Request for Info TVLC/LVCP/LVCS, 7-14-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC/LVCP-Kozioziemski, Ex. A-B, 7-13-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern-Kozioziemski, 7-27-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC/LVCP-Weingart, Ex. A, 7-13-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern-Weingart, 7-27-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC/LVCS/LVCP, 7-13-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern, Exhibits B-H, 7-27-16 (Redacted Exhibits A1-A4 forthcoming)

           TVLC Follow-up Response to Financial Technical Review, 7-28-16

              Cash Flow Statement Ex. F page 151, 7-27-16

                 Updated Cash Flow Statement, 7-28-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern/WASC Status to TVLC/LVCP, Ex. A-F, LVCP Loan Agreement & LVCP Indenture 7-20-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern/WASC Status, 7-21-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern/Continuing Delinquent and Unpaid Debts and Obligations, Exhibits A-G, 7-22-16

        LVJUSD Follow Up Notice of Concern/Continuing Unpaid Debts and Obligations by TVLC, Ex. A-C, 7-28-16

           TVLC Response to Notice of Concern-Finances, 7-29-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC:  Safety Concerns, 8-19-16

     LVJUSD Notice of Violation - Cover Letter, NOV, Proof of Service, Ex A-G, H-J, K-Z, AA, BB, CC-HH, II Board Approved 8-23-16

        TVLC Response to Draft Notice of Violation, 8-23-16

           TVLC Complete Response to Notice of Violation, 9-26-16

      TVLC Cease and Desist Letter to LVJUSD, 9-1-16

        LVJUSD Response to Cease and Desist, 9-2-16

     LVJUSD Urgent Letter to TVLC/LVCP/LVCS, PG&E Notice, 9-15-16

        TVLC Response to Urgent Letter PG&E Notice, 9-16-16 

     LVJUSD Evaluation & Further Notice of Violation to TVLC, Exhibits 1-11, 1213-14, Add. to Ex 6, Proof of Service, Board Approved 11-15-16

        TVLC Response to Notice of Violation, 2-14-17

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC Early Renewal Petitions 1-13-17

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC Due Process Complaint 1-13-17 

     Burke Williams & Sorensen LLP Letter to US Bankruptcy Court 1-20-17

     WASC Notification of Denial of Appeal and Withholding of Accreditation 2-1-17

     LVJUSD Notice of Concern to TVLC - Failure to Issue W-2 Forms, 2-10-17

        TVLC Response to Notice of Concern - W-2 Forms, 2-13-17

     LVJUSD Notice of Violation - Board Approved 2-21-17 wPOS

     LVJUSD Notice of Violation - Board Approved 3-21-17, Exhibits A-H, POS

        TVLC Response to Notice of Violation, 4-14-17


Parcel Tax Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)